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Stemma dello s Pz Abt 504

Thanks to the contacts the author had with the members of the unit, altough at the moment not complete, tihs is the most correct History of the unit you can find on the Internet.
At the moment I am preparing a book with the complete history of the unit (that takes away time to completing the rest of this website...).
As the chapters of the book will be ready, I'll add some news here, like the enemy units they fought against and friendly units they operated with.

In particular here are broken myths reported in other websites and books as:

1) The presence in Italy of Tiger II, that never was.
Some Companies was transferrred in turn in GERMANY to train on the tank, but none come ever back in line equippped with Tiger II.

2) The fight with the 17. SS-Panzergrenadier-Division.
The 504th made some exercises with the division in the area of TOURS, in FRANCE, at the end of May 1944, but when they arrived on the Italian Front, in TOSCANA, on June 22nd, 1944, they came in the area of the 16. SS-Panzergrenadier-Division. And this generated confusion.

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